Securities and properties

Lègister is able to provide legal assistance to:

  • consumers, professionals and investors with respect to the protection of savings and investments, and in general in any action deriving from the negligent provision of financial services in connection with the placement and sale of financial instruments and derivatives;
  • investors, private and institutional, with respect to collective actions, in civil and criminal proceedings, to claim the reimbursement of damages deriving from fraudulent conducts, market manipulations and other illegal acts of the management of listed companies. Lègister confides to be able to provide its contribution to the development of Class actions in Italy, by virtue of its preferential relations with the most prominent law firms in the leading jurisdictions. Lègister also possesses a significant expertise in litigation funding;
  • individuals and families in connection with estate matters, national and international, aiming at efficiently transmitting the wealth to future generations and resolving disputes among heirs;
  • individuals and businesses in trust matters, by choosing the adequate instrument for the protection of the wealth and its transmission, assisting in establishing the trust to satisfy the requirements of the client;
  • individuals and Companies in all legal issues relating to the transfer of properties, real estate and assets to future generations.


#Financial services
#Investors’ protection
#Class actions
#Litigation funding
#Property rights
#Estate and succession
#Transfers of wealth to future generations

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