Business law

Lègister assists Companies:

  • in drafting contracts also in the main foreign languages of international trade (English, French, German, with native lawyers qualified in foreign jurisdictions);
  • in contractual relationships and in the judicial protection of Company’s rights and credits also cross-border;
  • in corporate crisis situations, with particular attention to the developments related to the new Italian Code of business crisis.

Moreover Lègister offers assistance regarding all the aspects referred to the business management, advising about the disciplines of specific economic fields and with a multidisciplinary approach, which connects the business law issues with the matters, relating to the business organization, in connection with the increasing entrepreneurial responsibilities provided by the law (e.g. D. Lgs. n. 231/2001, legislation about data protection, workplace safety and other connected topics).


#Business agreements
#Commercial contracts
#Legal cross-border relations
#Judicial and arbitration assistance
#Business crisis

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