Corporate law

Lègister assists clients in connection with:

  • acquisition of business or companies (M&A), business combinations (mergers, demergers, sale of assets and going concerns, corporate transactions and private equity deals), incorporation of companies and start-ups, joint ventures, consortia, drafting of shareholder’s agreements and investment contracts or funding;
  • assistance to corporate boards with respect to business, commercial and administrative matters relating to the management of the company;
  • advisory in legal and judicial disputes or arbitrations, between shareholders and corporate boards (directors, supervisors, controllers and auditors) with regard to liability suits, derivative actions or disputes between shareholders under shareholders’ agreements, conflict of interests, take overs, liquidation procedures or equity transactions.


#Corporate transactions and restructuring
#Sale of going concern and assets
#Advisory to corporate boards
#Disputes between shareholders and with directors
#Directors’ liability
#Statutory auditors and controllers’ liability

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